We empower people to love their neighbors.

A deadly EF-5 tornado tore through Moore, Oklahoma, on May 20, 2013, and left in its wake incredible destruction—homes obliterated, lives upended. In the hours after the tornado, leaders from five local churches responded by making plans to meet the next morning to begin cleaning lawns in one of the affected neighborhoods. They posted on Twitter to invite others to come #ServeMoore. The response was enormous. Within one week, nearly 10,000 volunteers had come to help, from all over the nation. 

Since those first days as a hashtag on social media, Serve More has mobilized volunteers not only in the event of disasters such as tornadoes and floods but also for community renewal projects throughout the Oklahoma City metro area. We have mobilized more than 56,000 volunteers to repair, rebuild, and renew more than 4,000 homes, parks, businesses, and neighborhoods. 

Our desire is to mobilize people to renew the communities of central Oklahoma. We have seen the quick response of people to help others. We want to help that happen for even more people!

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