6 Months Later

Today marks six months since an EF-5 tornado ripped through our community on May 20th. An incredible amount of work has been accomplished in that time. For some perspective, take in these stats: 3,300 people showed up that day to clean the Moore Cemetery, taking #ServeMoore from a hashtag to movement. In 1 week we saw people from all 50 states. By Week 2 we saw people from all 6 inhabited continents. Since then, the 2,500 needs of 1,800 residents have been met by nearly 40,000 volunteers having logged more than 200,000 hours of service. Whew!

Look at how much favor God has poured out on our community. Moore residents constantly tell us they are blown away by the amount of love and help that's been given. So thank you. Thank you for coming and volunteering. Thank you for sending cash, gift cards, and supplies. Thank you for praying for and encouraging us with notes and emails. Every piece of this puzzle is invaluable and we've seen everyone do their part.

Now we stand with 6 months behind us. What will the next 6 months bring?

Consider this our first of many "Work Outlook Updates." We want to inform you of what work we're still doing and what we expect we'll be doing down the road. Right now, Serve Moore Teams are busy with lots of interior rehab. That's to say we're tearing out interior walls, ceilings, and floors. Then, we'll go back with new framing, drywall, insulation, and flooring. This many times also means that we need to repair or replace a roof. 

In addition to all of that, we're also doing a variety of lesser-skilled work such as: painting (both interior and exterior of homes and at public parks), yard work (such as removing dead bushes and repairing yard ruts), moving (residents moving out to begin work and some back in now that work is done!), small repairs (we're looking at you handymen and women)!

The point is that a lot of work still remains. If you have great skill, we need you. If you have lesser skill (but a big heart) we need you too! Even if you can't make the trip to volunteer, you can GIVE so that others have material to work with!

Please consider volunteering. You can start the process at servemoore.com/serve. Please consider giving. Every dollar given is invested in our community's renewal. Give right now at servemoore.com/give.

Thanks again. We look forward to another 6 months as we #ServeMoore together.