Being Weather Aware

Many have a new-found concern for weather preparedness and reliable information since last year's tornado outbreak. We share that concern and are always seeking solid information on which to rely. Some of the most reliable information we collect each day to give to homeowners and volunteers comes from the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center in Norman.

This information is available to the public in a number of ways:  --  The website is updated multiple times per day as forecasts change.
@NWSNorman  --  NWS's local Twitter account provides great up-to-the-minute information.
Facebook  --  Posts come as the forecasts change. Search National Weather Service.  --  Multiple daily briefings and forecasts are clear and concise.


Tonight will bring an increased risk of severe weather and, as usual, there are a number of events happening that might be impacted. Southmoore High School prom is just such an event. Here are some tips for a safe, prepared Prom night directly from SHS faculty to parents:

Good Information To Have

1. Address of the prom location
2. Your student's friends' phone numbers
3. Address of restaurant at which your student will be
4. The driver's phone number (for those using a car service)

And as always, the faculty and staff at Moore Public Schools is staying weather aware to keep your students safe. There will be a line of contact between the NWS and the faculty on duty at Prom throughout the night. Keep in contact with your student through the night. Any plans that change will be communicated to students at prom and using the school's normal communication processes.

Whether you're at a prom tonight, enjoying a warm evening at the park, or hanging out at home make certain that you aren't far from weather information. As the advice goes -- "Don't be scared. Be prepared."