Cemetery cleanup

This was an email sent to us about the work that was done at the cemetery on May 22nd. Hi,

My name is Karla. My sister Lisa and I went to the Moore cemetery to volunteer. Both our parents are deceased and buried there. We were looking for our parents monument but we could not find it. There were several turned over where we could not see the name. We were getting concerned because we could not find it. We ran in to Caleb Foster. We asked him if he would help us with a monument. He said that he would but he was told they should not move them. We told him we thought it was our parents. Caleb and a couple of guys came over to help. It was not them. He asked us the name and we told him Padgett. Caleb said that he was just working on that monument. It was knocked over and he took us to it. He and some of the guys helped us put the monument back together. We found the vases and finished working in their area. We cleaned off my dads military foot stone and told Caleb how much we appreciated his assistance. We discussed that my dad had received a Bronze Star in the military.

Caleb was so awesome. He had genuine concern not only for the city and the residence but also for the people that were all around him. Caleb was working hard and talking to the volunteers. He was talking to about The Lord and inviting them to Frontline.

Thank you Caleb! Bless You!