Free Labor Isn't Cheap

Every month, dozens of people get together with Serve More to serve and love their neighbors. Over the last four years, we've seen tens of thousands of volunteers accomplish thousands of projects in the Oklahoma City metro. And it's all because we share this belief:

We can do more together than we ever could apart.

What's your volunteer time worth?

The US Department of Labor says it's about $24 per hour!

And just how much more are we doing together? Well, since Day 1 back in 2013, Serve More has been tracking stats on all the work we're doing to love our neighbors. These are basic numbers like Projects Completed, Volunteers, and Volunteer Hours. When all totaled up, numbers can tell us a remarkable story of togetherness. Take these for example: 

4,934 Projects Completed Around The Metro

58,340 Volunteers Mobilized

and here's the doozy

$27,026,493 of Volunteer Hours Value

Isn't that incredible?! Here's how we come up with that number. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics gives volunteer hours a dollar value — just like you measure a job's value by how much you get paid by the hour, nonprofits can measure how impactful their volunteers are by the hour. The latest figure from May 2016 has the value of a volunteer hour at $24.14 nationally. So as of our June reports, Serve More volunteers have given central Oklahoma more than $27 MILLION in free labor! 

Thank you to the MANY Serve More Volunteers and Donors who make this beautiful work possible. Just think how much better our communities will be in 20 years because of YOUR work to love your neighbor through Serve More!

Here's a copy of our press release for this announcement:
*all stats are running totals from our founding in May 2013

Here's another interesting way we've begun to measure our impact in central Oklahoma:
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