From across the pond

Today toward the end of the day an older gentleman walked over to the admin area. He was looking around so I asked if I could help him. He said he was just curious what we were doing. I explained that there were people who were taking information we were getting back about the houses and putting it into spreadsheets, that I was working on emails and social media and still others were answering phone calls.

Then he began to tell me his story.

His name was Brian. He was from Manchester, UK. He explained that he was on his way to Brazil to see a football (what Americans call soccer) match. He said it was cheaper to fly from Manchester to Amsterdam to Detroit to OKC and then fly on to Brazil than flying straight to Brazil.

Before he knew it, air fares had quadrupled and he found himself stranded here. My response was "I am so sorry you can't get where you were wanting to go." But his response was incredible. "This is so much more important. I am not even bothered."

Not only did we have people from all over the states coming to Moore, OK to serve us, people from across the "pond" are here, helping strangers put their lives back together again.