Hello, April

As storm season approaches, Serve Moore churches are working harder than ever to make sure residents and their RENEWED homes finally have some of their final physical needs met. The fences, landscaping and shed-building continues to be of high importance in this process as they protect homes and belongings from high winds, drainage issues that result from high amounts of rainfall and hail.

Along with these continued efforts, this week our volunteers have been painting fire hydrants around the city (honk and wave if you see them!) and today picking up efforts to renew Orr Family Farm. The owners of Orr Family Farm are especially grateful for the volunteer efforts. The farm is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, and along with the many other homes and businesses, was hit hard by the May 20th storm. The large acreage of the property means lots of debris cleanup to this day. Along with the re-leveling of gravel and walkways on the property, our volunteers are cleaning up any remaining debris just in time for the farm's annual Easter egg hunt on April 19th. This is a great example of how debris cleanup isn't just for looks - it is necessary to restore the safety of outdoor spaces like the farm and our city's public parks. 


The University of Oklahoma's Big Event is a highly energetic university-sponsored service group that we will be fortunate enough to work this Saturday (tomorrow). They are bringing 200 volunteers to #RenewMoore! We can't wait to update you early next week on all the progress they will contribute to renewal. 

We are so blessed to have such wonderful groups sent our way to undertake the many tasks that go along with the renewal efforts. Thank you to each of our volunteers once again for coming and spending your valuable time (including your spring breaks) to serve Moore in a very special way. 

A Huge Thank You

As always, thanks to the hundreds of new and returning volunteers to HQ this week:

Next Step Ministries joins us again from Madison, WI

Mizzou BSU from Columbia, MO

Wonder Voyage from Coppell, TX

Seattle Christian School from Seattle, WA

University of Oklahoma's Big Event from Norman, OK

Disciples of Christ Christian Church from all over

United Way of Central Oklahoma, from Oklahoma City

First Church of God from St. Joseph, MI

Toccoa First United Methodist Church from Toccoa, GA