Here We Go Again

Romans 8:28 reads, “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.” This promise, made by God to his people through the Apostle Paul, has been vividly displayed during the months since an EF-5 tornado destroyed 1,100 homes, leveled two elementary schools, and killed 24 people on May 20 in our town of Moore, Oklahoma. It defies logic that something so destructive could generate anything approaching the description of “good” but time-and-again we’ve seen just that — good coming from tragedy.

Where We've Been

In the hours after the tornado there was a lot that was unknown. One thing we did know was that we wanted — needed — to do something instead of just talk about doing something. After all, these were our people who were hurting: friends, family, congregations. We met that next morning at the Community Center and saw needs all around us. We began cleaning lawns in that neighborhood. The idea was to start where we could and do what we could. We invited anyone and everyone to come join us. We’d figure the rest out along the way.

As folks shared pairs of gloves and wielded shovels and rakes that day, the City of Moore made a request; to assemble volunteers and begin cleanup at the cemetery ahead of graveside services for victims. The plan was simple: ask for 500 people to join in Wednesday morning and clean as much as we could. Our churches began asking people to “#ServeMoore” on social media. A meeting time and place were set. Wednesday morning came and brought with it more than 3,000 people — too many for our buses so they walked across the interstate overpass to the cemetery. It was clear then that God was pouring out favor on this community and that we stood at the start of something very big.

Since those first days of work, Serve Moore has welcomed nearly 40,000 volunteers to the community. Your church may have even been among that number. Those volunteers have clocked hundreds of thousands of hours served, met the needs of more than 2,000 homeowners and residents, and brought hope to an entire city. Everyone knew God would do something big. We just couldn’t have imagined how big. And now, mere months later, we again find ourselves at the start of something big. A phase of renewal in our community that will prayerfully last for decades.

Where We're Going

Our dream is that through the tragedy of these storms and the extraordinary good we’ve seen since, the Church would spark renewal in our community. Renewal which spreads to every part and every person; bringing both healing and growth. We want the Gospel and it’s unmatched renewing power poured out here in Moore and our surrounding areas. We’re looking for churches, local and not to join us in partnership. Local churches to serve families in their neighborhoods; churches from afar to pour in resources and people. Many needs remain unmet; some storm related and some not. Our vision is to match residents with churches in or near their neighborhood so that a long-term relationship can be built. Churches who serve their neighbors earn the right to share the Gospel and speak truth into the lives of the families who live around them!

Will you join us? Will you give of your people, your time, your cash, and your supplies to bring about renewal like our community has never seen it before?

We pray that you’ll consider partnering with us in this phase of renewal. For more information about partnering with Serve Moore please call us at (405) 735-3060 or email us at