January's Current Work Outlook

This Week

Serve Moore Headquarters has been buzzing this week as we welcomed several teams in as our first of 2014. These teams all hail from places that were covered in snow — New York, Illinois, and Indiana. We’re so thankful for people making the trip to serve alongside us; even when weather threatens their own hometowns.

Work this week has been a lot of interior rehab. Specifically we’ve seen teams demolishing drywall and flooring, installing tile, painting, hanging drywall, and mudding & taping. We’re seeing a lot of this work for several reasons. Many people who come to us for help have only just now gotten their insurance company to pay out on their property. Some homeowners have been swindled by contractors who took their money and did shoddy work or simply left town. Still others have had no where to turn and only recently heard there was still help available.

Along with that work this week, however, there were loads of debris to carry to the dump, several fences to build, and tree stumps to remove. Even those who are “lesser-skilled” volunteers this week found plenty to do in helping homeowners with their recovery.

Looking Ahead

As we move ahead in our plan for renewal in our city, there are lots of projects we hope to be involved in. Community Renewal to us is very broad. Folks who live here were affected by the storms even if their house is still standing. With that in mind, we’d like to work to show renewal in our community so that everyone can see the progress and continue the healing process.

Projects we’re planning include painting storefronts, planting trees, a community garden, building playgrounds, adding a house number to every curb in the city, and caring for parks. Add these to our list of construction projects and you can see that the work in Moore and our surrounding communities is far from over.

We’d love to have you come and serve alongside us as we work for renewal in our community. We’re praying that this temporary renewal will show people a picture of the eternal renewal Jesus brings. There are lots of needs – both physical and spiritual – and we’re gearing up for a Spring and Summer chock full of meeting those needs.