Local Love

You know, it's pretty incredible that Serve Moore volunteers hail from all over the world. Literally - within one week after the May 20th tornado, volunteers from all 50 states had come to help. Then, within the second week volunteers from all 6 inhabited continents had shown up! All this love from all over the world has been a hugely encouraging feeling. While many in our community have been busy working through their recovery plans, people from all over the world continue to show up and help. But as is usual, the world keeps spinning and help is needed in new places and volunteers turn to be more and more local. These local volunteers are the inspiration of our newest colors of Serve Moore shirts!

You locals can support your favorite Moore Schools high school with these Moore, Westmoore, & Southmoore colors!

Our new shirt colors inspired by local high schools and volunteers.

We created these shirts so that people can share a common thread that ties affected residents and volunteers together; that is a memento of the great outpouring of love and support our community received and continue to receive. We sell these shirts so that Serve Moore projects (such as new homes, materials, and supplies) can continue to be provided to residents and volunteers.

You can purchase these shirts at Serve Moore HQ at 200 S Howard Ave any Tuesday-Saturday from 9a to 5p.