Merry Christmas, Janneh!

It's been an amazing week around here! Sure, we've been excited about gearing up for Christmas and looking forward to spending time with friends and family. But as you well know, Janneh and his family are still splitting time between home (with four siblings) and the rehabilitation hospital (where Janneh has been for several months). 

But check out what happened today!

That's right! The ramp and patio are done and they both have Janneh's Seal of Approval! It's been a wonderful Christmas Day celebrating all the early progress of our efforts to #BringJannehHome. Not only did Janneh get to test our the new ramp & patio, he got to have Christmas dinner AT HOME with his family, and even watch the OKC Thunder go up against the Chicago Bulls.

Guys. I cannot explain the sense of joy and relief that was palpable in the house. Having Janneh home for a few hours today was the cause of many smiles, photos, and neighbors dropping by to say hello. The best part about all of this — it's just the beginning. During the visit, our general contractor Kendra from Home Mods by Therapists got to walk Janneh through the changes to his bedroom and home.

All in this has been an amazing week working to #BringJannehHome. Already Janneh and his family are absolutely blown away by your generosity. They just can't stop saying how thankful they are for each and every one of you.

The next few weeks are going to be busy with new doors and windows being custom built, color consultations to find the best mix of color for Janneh's new room, and some additions to the patio of a roof and some low, brick walls. We'll keep you up-to-date all along the way. 

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