Message to Pastors

Message to Pastors from Frontline Church on Vimeo.

As many of you know, an EF5 tornado cut a path of destruction 17 miles long and more than a mile wide across Moore and Southwest Oklahoma City on May 20th. Some of you may not know about the tornado that also hit Shawnee, Oklahoma, on May 19th.

Immediately following these disasters, pastors and ministry leaders from Frontline Church, Love and Justice Church, and many other local churches sprang into action to do as Jesus did, which is to love people in both word and deed, become His hands and feet in service to others, and point the lost and broken to Jesus.

We, this group of churches of whom not one seeks personal credit, quickly became a joint effort called Serve Moore and are now providing leadership and organization for thousands of volunteers and coordinating with city officials to develop a recovery plan.

As a result, thousands of volunteers have been mobilized, debris has been removed from city parks and public property, over 600 locations have been worked in UNDER TWO WEEKS. We've served hot meals to those in need, and the gospel has gone out - daily.

Many churches from across the nation and around the world have been asking how they can help. We tell them this, and ask you to do the same:

1. Pray for Us - This is the most important thing you can do. Jesus must be in the midst of this effort, or it is all for nothing. Pray for the churches, the church leaders, and our cities that they may be rebuilt by His grace and for His glory.

2. Send Financial Gifts - Of any size. But prayerfully consider giving toward the longevity of the Serve Moore effort. Ask God what amount He might have you give faithfully, over the long-haul to assist us in the effort of rebuilding our cities. Your financial gifts would allow godly, Spirit-filled men and women to continue leading the relief efforts in our cities. It would also free our pastors, who have lately been consumed with this burden, to return to loving their wives and children, and loving their churches.

3. Volunteer - We need hundreds and hundreds of people to volunteer, not for just the next few weeks, but over the next couple of years. We are thankful for the thousands of people who have shown up over the past several days, but we know that initial zeal will taper off as the media begin to focus on other things. You can supplement this effort by committing to send volunteers over the next two years.

We expect that God is going to work in the midst of this loss and pain. That He will use it to lead people to Jesus, and to bring revival, renewal, and reconciliation. We thank you for your participation. Your partnership. You have been so quick to respond in the immediate aftermath of this crisis and we hope you will prayerfully continue to do so.

Please visit and learn how you can pray, give, and volunteer.

As always, we continue to pray for your cities and your churches.