My first day at HQ

Today was my first day at HQ. I have been back at the office taking care of other details. When I got to HQ, however, I was so blessed by what I saw. I saw a visible expression of Christians being the body of Christ.

I saw people being the hands and the feet and the mouths and the head. It was absolutely incredible. Each person was operating in their own gifting.

I saw heads making decisions and leading. I saw hands doing. I saw mouths explaining and proclaiming. I saw brains administrating. I saw feet going.

What a beautiful picture of what God called us to.

None of us would be able to do this on ourselves. None of us have enough money or resources or favor with the right people to make a dent in the problem. What is so cool, however, is that when we all bring what we can to the table, it changes things.

When money is brought by many and organizational skills from many more and leadership from some and resources from others and time from yet more still, we find ourselves equipping the problem to bring together a solution.

We are called to be the body of Christ. We are to love our brothers and sisters in such a way that the world knows we are His. My prayer is that this expression of love and sacrifice of those for so many would cause a shift. My prayer is that we wouldn't just be "good people" but that we would be known as Christians who serve and love because we were first served and loved.