Our Town

We’re the Church - this is our town. Not long after the tornado struck Moore, the city was visited by a number of organizations and ministries from all over the nation. All of them were amazed and intrigued by the organization of Serve Moore’s leadership and the mobilization of the seemingly endless waves of volunteers.

Truth in Action, a ministry that stresses the importance of churches being relevant to their communities - especially during difficult times - visited Moore to experience first-hand how the local Church has mobilized to serve the community.

“What we want to do as the church is show people that we serve a God of unity, love, and care,” Chris Fox, student minister at Moore Community Church, told Truth in Action, “and that’s the God who is chasing after them.”

Sean Evans, lead pastor of Frontline Church South and one of the many church leaders who have been on the ground since the storm pummelled Moore, agreed with Fox’s sentiment in his interview with Truth in Action. When organizations like Red Cross, Americorps, and FEMA popped up at the volunteer headquarters for Serve Moore expressing awe and wondering “who/what is Serve Moore?” Sean’s response was a consistent, “We’re the Church. This is our town.”

We love these responses! God is good. He loves people. Our job - our one thing we can give back after receiving the ultimate gift of freedom from sin through Christ’s sacrifice - is to love Him and love others. Serve Moore is part of the loving others. It’s not just a favorite pastime, it’s a responsibility.

Read about Truth in Action’s visit to Moore and watch the video to see for yourself how unity among community churches can make a greater impact than many churches operating separately can do.