Doing Our Part For The Future of Oklahoma Education


Like many of you, Serve More staff and volunteers have watched the last several weeks of political news unfold here in Oklahoma. Educators have finally had enough of working with shrinking budgets.. Today, across the state and in all of the communities we serve, teachers and administrators have walked out and begun to march on the Capitol to demand action. 

And just like many of you as well, we've asked ourselves: "How can we help? How can we serve?" Apart from being parents, teachers, and citizens ourselves, Serve More volunteers and staff know that we can leverage our expertise in neighborhood renewal to give educators every possible tool they can use to invest in our children and serve the future of Oklahoma.

So, today we're announcing School Projects — a way for classroom teachers and school administrators to request the help of Serve More Volunteers. 

We're already in the planning stages of some playground renewal projects with our friends at the Moore Public Schools Foundation but we want to do more. We want to serve and love our teachers and students by helping to prepare classrooms, to renew playgrounds, and to create innovative learning environments with ideas such as outdoor classrooms, learning gardens, and the like.

Soon, we will begin taking applications from educators and nominations from neighbors. But we'll need to be ready to buy paint, lumber, and supplies to pull these projects off. So if you'd like to chip in a small donation, we'll use it to renew classrooms, playgrounds, and campuses in central Oklahoma this year. Like any other effort, we can do more together than we ever could apart!

Help us do this part. Donate today and join us this summer to volunteer.