Spring Cleaning and 3,000 Trees

This week was one full of spring cleaning, mainly in Little River Park, and the planting of 3,000 sapling trees around Moore! Trees are a big part of our efforts to #RenewMoore this Spring, and one of our largest undertakings.  The trees are just saplings now, but will eventually grow to contribute to the renewed landscape around Moore. 

That's not all that's going on at Serve Moore this week, though! In addition to planting trees at Little River Park, our volunteers are cleaning up debris that is still present in the area. It's very important that this is done, because any remaining debris could be dangerous if it is left in the grass and around the creek. Among the items being found are soccer trophies, large metal pipes and car parts. Other activities our volunteers completed this week are fire hydrant painting, building sheds and fences, and landscaping at local homes and area businesses such as Orr Family Farm and the Riverwalk shopping complex. 

With such large tasks, it was no question that we needed lots of volunteer help - which is exactly what we had. More than 200 people from 11 volunteer groups from near and far joined our massive efforts this week. In order of distance they traveled, they are:

-Regency Park Baptist Church in Moore, from 2.4 miles away

-Highland Baptist Church in Moore, from 2.7 miles away

-First Baptist Church in Ardmore, OK, from 89 miles away

-1st Southern Baptist Church in Lawrence, KS, from 320 miles away

-St. James Academy in Lenexa, KS, from 342 miles away

-Doane College in Crete, NB, from 416 miles away

-Culver Academies in Culver, IN, from 841 miles away

-Next Step Ministries in Madison, WI, ALSO from 841 miles away

-University of Hartford in Connecticut, from 1,584 miles away

-University of Connecticut, from 1,608 miles away


Volunteers, we appreciate your dedication this week. Thanks to your fantastic work many homes, Little River Park, and eight schools are one step closer to renewal.

Although much was accomplished this week, the work is far from over. As always, if you want to give help or you need help through Serve Moore, visit our homepage to get started!