Story of God moving in Moore

The following is an email that was sent to email address. A story about Linda Dowling and Madison Park.

… a cool story of the Lord's grace and abundance out of work in Moore. The day started off with flash floods delaying efforts and causing a relatively low turnout of volunteers, about 80-100 from the reported 3000 the day before. It looked pretty grim. Our zone only had 2 people assigned including me, and the other guy had to leave early. We knocked on some doors, handed out some water and sandwiches and I took him back to his car. I circled back around to some of the more damaged areas to see if there was any need for help.

It started with the standard question to Linda Dowling and her husband Pete, “is there anything you need, cleanup, water, sandwiches, etc. Like many others in the area, she was in a sort of mental shock. There’s so much damage most people don’t even know where to begin to start. Her almost automatic response was they really needed nothing and felt fortunate. While she said this, I was taking note of a broken windows and glass storm door, debris piled in their front entry and over her entire yard, and planks of splintered 2x6’s driven through remaining mangled garage door panels into the wall. I suggested a couple of things we could do. She went on to ask for one small thing. She said, “You know Tony, I need to clean the glass out of two front rooms, (dark because they were boarded up) do you have a light or flash light of some sort?” I pulled the boards from the windows to reveal a bigger mess than expected inside. There was a huge amount of work to do. I made a call to Chris at the Serve Moore headquarters for more help. Before I even got off the phone men from Wisconsin came offering water. They joined in the cleanup. Soon after more volunteers arrived, and again as the team Chris sent arrived. As fast as the jobs could be pointed out people were pouring in asking, “What can I do?” Within an hour not only were the Dowling’s garage, entry, home and yard cleared, but their flower beds looked like they were freshly landscaped. Linda was overjoyed gratitude and hope.

Earlier, Linda told me her granddaughter called her after the storm to check on her. Once she knew grandma was safe, the next question was about the condition of her park across the street from grandma’s house. We had our next job!

The existing crew went to work along with more folks from Texas, Duncan and just others who plugged in thru Front Line’s post just looking for ways to help. At the playground, large sheets of metal, plastic parts and wood were wrapped into the equipment. Wood fence panels littered the area. We found the mulch base infused with glass, insulation and other debris. The crew worked hard to clear the entire area of the park and playground removing the top 3-4” of mulch. A call to Minick Materials explaining the situation and the need for new mulch was met with one question, “What’s the address?” The volunteers prepared the playground for the new mulch and moved on to two more houses to clean up. Everyone worked tirelessly until about 7:30 PM when someone asked for the time. The next day Minick dropped 30 cubic yards of mulch at the site. Linda acted as the eyes and ears at the site on day two and stayed in contact. Another call to Chris at Serve Moore and he sent another army of volunteers to finish the park job in short order. Linda sent another message: “The workers are here!”

Linda was kind enough to send more pictures at each step of day two.

What becomes clearly apparent through this is that the volunteers benefit some too through this. Together thru giving and service comes the overwhelming outpouring of God’s grace at work within us and increased hope for everyone involved. This kind of amazing stuff is happening every day in Moore, Shawnee, Newalla and other affected areas.