Give to Serve More. Have More Fun.

UPDATE: OKC Energy pledged have been MATCHED!

Grab the app and make a pledge! Up to $100 in pledges will be DOUBLED!

Serve More's new partnership with The Drive App let's you do just that while you watch some of your favorite sports events! It's super easy to make a pledge that will give your neighbors the help they need. 

1. Make a Pledge

Photo by Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman

Photo by Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman

Choose a Serve More cause that's important to you. Then just pledge a donation for every win, touchdown, or goal! For example, you might pledge $5 for every three-pointer the OKC Thunder make!

2. Watch the Game

Get together with friends or family and enjoy the game! You'll watch your pledge play out on the court or field — and challenge your friends to join in the fun.

3. Give Back

All said and done, you can view, edit, or confirm your final pledge then the cash will be sent directly to Serve More. You'll be feeling good about a great game and a great donation!

It's that easy! Give it a try today!

A little about The Drive App:

Our goal is to empower communities to come together and make philanthropy a part of their game day routine. We recognized an issue with fundraising. Even with all the new technology on the market, there was still not a simple, intuitive way to give to charity. In addition, the process was uneventful. We realized if we could integrate a game aspect, people would be more inclined to give. What emerged was The Drive – a network for donors to connect with charities and give based on the outcome of a sporting event. We merged sports and fundraising to create a gamified giving experience donors love and trust!

A little about Serve More:

We're on a mission to empower people to love their neighbors. For more than three years now, we've been seeing neighbors loving and serving neighbors. Because of that, we've seen incredible life change and communities renewed. Now, we want to see the renewal that was born in our neighborhoods we love in the City of Moore spread to all of central Oklahoma.