A Statement on The Future of #ServeMoore

A Year Later

The words "Thank You" just seem so small.

We've always seen Serve Moore as a team effort but we're talking about a team that's just rolled past 42,000 people strong. How do you tell that many people you deeply appreciate their partnership; that thousands of residents are grateful for their service; or that an entire community is forever-changed by their presence? 

We're really not sure how to explain the fact that more than 42,000 people showed up to help over this last year except to say that it's God's grace. This team has met 2,200 homeowners and residents and taken care of 3,345 needs for those folks. Overall as a team, we've clocked more than 300,000 hours of volunteering. In all this, we've shared the common goal to #ServeMoore.

An End To This Work

So where do we go from here? We've been asked this question often and often asked it of ourselves. The bottom line is that we know it was God's idea for His people to be "for the city." He tells us to work and pray for its prosperity.  We just don't see an end to that work -- especially as His people here in Moore. In fact, starting today we're officially taking volunteer reservations for Fall 2014. 

This Summer, Fall, and beyond we will continue our work in both rebuilding tornado-affected areas and renewing the city as a whole. We've always felt these efforts go hand-in-hand. Much like everyone else though, we're ready for "tornado recovery" to be done but the renewal of our community to continue for years to come. We know many of you agree.

No Vacancy

These next months will continue to bring many, many opportunities to get involved in the renewal of Moore. We'll be planting more trees and gardens; building fences, sheds, and houses; working for public art and gathering spaces; all the while working to prepare our community for disasters that may come again someday. The renewal work going forward will require both skilled and unskilled hands. And no matter your project or ability, you'll need an open heart and mind. Like we've said from the beginning -- stay flexible. 

This great work has so far been accomplished because of people like you -- people who can proudly call themselves part of the 42,000! But here's the thing: it's not too late to join the team! Whether you're coming from afar or you call this community home, we want you on the team. Come spend a week serving alongside us. Or if you're local, jump in on a Saturday Project (we'll share more exciting details about these special projects soon)! We need all kinds of help to continue the renewal of our city.

So, if you’re on the team already, we hope you’ll stick around, come visit again, or cheer for us from your home miles away. We need your passion, we need your ideas, we need your love for this community. If you’re not yet on the team, you should join us for the beautiful things that are still to come.