Through Rain AND Shine...

Another two weeks of summer break, another two weeks of work done! This week, Serve Moore welcomed 5 teams from across the country: Experience Mission, Next Step, Hamblen Park Presbyterian Church, Mission Academy, and Project Compassion. Despite the temperatures reaching 102 degrees, these teams clocked an impressive 1,805 hours and helped residents save $28,389!

Hamblen Park was the biggest volunteer team last week, with 26 volunteers putting in 728 hours! Throughout the week, they worked on projects at six different homes, including painting two sheds and painting the inside of a house. They removed 7,500 pounds of debris, or almost 300 pounds per person at Forest Park Mobile Home Estates. Hamblen Park also spent time at the Moore Food & Resource Center, serving 8,085 meals to 365 people, saving over $2,500!

Experience Mission brought 11 volunteers and spent 308 hours working on several homes across the OKC metro. They completed a fence that was destroyed in the May 2013 tornado, tarped a roof, and worked on two other fences. Volunteers removed 1,300 pounds of debris from three different muck-out projects; over 100 pounds per person! They also spent time at the Moore Food & Resource Center, serving 572 people 14,308 meals. Through all these projects, they saved $6,605!

Next Step’s 12 volunteers worked 336 hours, saving homeowners $4,800! Working at two job sites, Next Step completed a fence damaged by March 25 storms, and hanging sheet rock inside of a house. Mission Academy brought 11 volunteers, put in 385 hours of work and saved a local homeowner $7,150! They re-sided the entire outside of a home that suffered damage in the March 25 storms. The original siding was so old, however, that it was impossible to match! Mission Academy replaced it with all-new siding on all sides of his home, and painted it all to match.

Project Compassion, a small but mighty team of 6, spent 8 hours this Monday completed painting the inside of the home Hamblen Park worked on last week! They are a youth boys trip who came from Rochester, New York on a 14-day work trip, stopping at communities across the U.S. In their combined 48 hours of work, they saved local residents $1,100!

After 720 bottles of water, 77 Chic-Fil-A sandwiches, a few dozen red, white, and blue cupcakes, and over 1,800 hours of labor — all through heat and rain — we realize yet again just how blessed we are to have such wonderful volunteers! We hope that everybody had a great and safe Fourth of July weekend, and can’t wait to see what next week’s volunteers bring! 

Money Saved by Volunteers

If you are interested in helping in any way you can, whether that be with time or funds for supplies, or if you are searching for help after this week's weather, contact us!