Tools of relief

We saw the tornado rolling in on the news. It hit. We assessed the damage to our Frontline family and then began to serve Moore. As we walked through a devastated city, we knew something had to be done and that a few tools would be handy. Tool one: Prayer. We set aside time to pray together, to pray with victims, to pray with the first responders. On Wednesday, we hosted a citywide prayer gathering where we prayed as the Church. We were also able to raise several thousand dollars for a local church planter, Andrew Burkhart of Love and Justice Church, who lost his house.

Tool two: Availability. We went to the Moore Community Center and said, "what can we do to help?" Over the next few days, we turned into a shoulder that the Red Cross and the City of Moore could lean on to turn out thousands of volunteers to assist in the clean up.

Tool three: Technology. We started using social media right away to tell the story of the relief efforts and IT BLEW UP. We had people from all over the nation from as far north as Alaska offer to help. We took people up on it. We asked for money to buy the necessary tools, we asked for volunteers to wield the tools, we asked for water and food to sustain the workers. Technology made it so easy to gather the resources needed.

Just a day into the relief efforts MIT showed, yeah - that MIT. An online software called was gifted to us. The City of Moore began using the software too. Basically, it works like this. One person has a need. One person has a solution. We put the call out on Twitter for people to man the website and over 30 people have been trained and have solved so many problems. We've gotten clothing to families in need. Hot food to hungry kids. Even found a grandma with medical issues who was not able to get out of her house (due to age and sickness, not home damage) and was forgotten about by neighbors.

Tool four: You. Yeah, you have been so helpful, so generous. We're very thankful for the many people who have been able to serve on the phones, on the ground, online, and in prayer. This effort is not going to be done overnight. As a matter of fact, we'll probably be having a conversation on how you'll be able to help a year from now, the destruction is just that bad.

We serve a mighty God and the efforts we are seeing are a picture of the perfect world to come, the Kingdom of God. We live in a broken world. A world that is plagued by disasters, both natural and man made. A world that is plagued by death and sickness. A world that is plagued by sin. The brokenness leaves no one untouched. It affects us all, BUT it is calling out for a savior!

During this time, we are pointing people back to the savior, the true hero. Not the person doing the good work, but the hero Jesus who came and died and is bringing recovery and healing to His people and through His people.