May 20, 2013 — 4 Years Later

Hey friend.

Nearly four years ago, my town and my life was forever changed by a spring storm on a hot, humid day in May. An all too-familiar Oklahoma tornado ripped through homes, businesses, and schools. Since that day, you have joined with me to make people's lives better; to see them renewed. My story of the May 2013 Tornado is also YOUR story of the May 2013 Tornado. 

And oh boy has this story grown! There’s so much MORE to how we’re loving neighbors these days! We’re helping single moms and veterans avoid eviction by repairing their code violations. We’re giving our disabled neighbors more freedom by building them accessibility ramps. And even now, we’re preparing for the next tornado to hit central Oklahoma. But we have so much MORE we need and want to do!  

WATCH: See all the bright spots that have come out of that devastating tornado in just four years.

This only works if we are in it together — neighbor loving neighbor. So I'm asking you for a personal favor. Take 5 minutes and invite your Facebook friends to support this work to serve single moms, disabled neighbors, and the elderly. If you know me, you know I don't want this to be slimy. Ever. We have a chance to do something incredible. And you can honor your time spent doing Tornado Recovery in Moore and OKC by launching a Facebook Fundraiser this week — the 4 Year Mark of that devastating tornado. 

I'm forever grateful for your love and support. You each have meant so much to me as Serve More has grown and you've meant so much to these central Oklahoma communities that are better places to live because of you.

—Chris Fox, Serve More Co-Founder & Executive Director