Year-End Gifts Help Everyone!

Before we know it, the ball will drop on 2015 and we'll be ringing in a new year full of opportunities and stories. Well, at least most everywhere else it drops. Here in Oklahoma City, it rises but that's another story for another time.

The point is that many people make charitable gifts in the last few days of each year. Those gifts, if made before the stroke of midnight will be counted toward your personal Charitable Contributions Statement for Tax Year 2015. For some, that can be an important deduction for, and mean a real difference on, their tax return. 

But honestly, you and I both know it doesn't stop there. No, not at all. 

Giving a charitable contribution almost always means more than just a tax break. For example, at Serve Moore, when you give $1 we turn that dollar into $3 in benefit for people and families affected by disasters, disability, and poverty. That's WAY more than just a deduction on a tax return. 

So, before that ball drops (or rises) on this year, slip in one more donation. It'll be good for your taxes, your heart, and VERY good for hurting families and people in central Oklahoma. Here are some good ideas:

The fund that allows us to mobilize volunteers any day of the year.

Our campaign to renew the home and life of a 13-year-old quadriplegic.