Serve More Center

Thank you so much for your interest in partnering with us at the Serve More Center!

Think of the Center as a "community coworking space" right off I-35 and 4th Street (134th St) on the south side of the Metro. Each of the organizations who operate out of the Center have a passion for brining renewal and restoration to the OKC Metro area. They each have a private office in the building and share many amenities together. This setup keeps costs low but still allows us to have all we need to carry our missions. Each organization pays a monthly fee for membership based on their status and age. Here are the details of space and amenities available at the Serve More Center:

  • Private Office (150 sq ft)
  • Access to Shared Spaces Calendar & Reservation System
  • Kitchenette & Lounge
  • Workroom with Multi-function Printer, Office Supplies, Paper, White Board
  • Large Meeting Room with White Board, Smart TV, Hospitality Area, Seating for 40, Tables for 30
  • Conference Room with White Board, Smart TV, Seating for 16
  • Small Meeting Room with living room style seating for 6
  • Parking, Utilities, WiFi, Grounds Maintenance Also Included

Monthly Membership Pricing:

  • Nonprofit Business (0-5 years) — $250
  • Nonprofit Business (6+ years) — $450
  • For Profit Business (0-5 years) — $450
  • For Profit Business (6+ years) — $700

Application Form

This form helps us get to know you and your organization a little better. Partnerships and collaboration are how Serve More began and it's how we'll continue to serve central Oklahoma for years to come.  In that endeavor, we'll use the information provided to get a small picture of what you do, who you do it for, and how best your organization might fit in at the Center. 

Please use this form to be as brief or as lengthy as you'd like.

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