Please come serve!


Connecting people who want to give help to those who need it is the reason Serve Moore started. We gathered the morning after the tornado to begin debris cleanup everywhere we could. We took to Twitter to offer anyone who wanted to help a place they could #ServeMoore. All these months later, people like you are still coming to serve alongside us and tens of thousands of others. Thank you. 

Serve Moore has two types of volunteers: those who come for Serve Moore Saturdays and those who join us during the week!  

Serve Moore Saturdays are for individuals, families, groups of friends, offices, and church small groups who wish to join us once a month on a Saturday! The dates for Serve Moore Saturdays will be the 3rd Saturday of each month, beginning with February 21st.

Weekday Service volunteers are groups of people who schedule to spend time volunteering with us during the week! These groups typically are from churches, organizations, and universities from across the country. They begin scheduling with us weeks or months in advance and work for multiple days during the time they are here. 

Want to book a time to come #ServeMoore with us? 

Looking for the Volunteer Release Form?   Download it here!  You'll need one for every volunteer.