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Q: What kind of projects will we be working on?

A: The people, organizations, and churches behind Serve More are committed to renewal in our community. Our projects vary widely because healing a whole community is a big job. In general, our projects require some level of construction skill from a leader working with the team. Check out our Current Work Outlook on our blog for up-to-date details.

Q: What are your age limits?

A: We are so grateful that people of all ages feel compelled to come serve in our community in response to the May 2013 and Spring 2015 storms. Working toward renewal of the whole community, we know it's important to include everyone. We want to wisely balance safety and flexibility. 

Parents and guardians, we trust you to know your kids' ability to serve. As long as you accompany them, we will allow them to serve with you. That said, we think our projects run best with kids 10 years old and up.

Group Leaders, if you're bringing students without their guardians, we ask that they be at least 14 years old. They'll need to have their guardian's permission on their Volunteer Release Form.

If you have any questions, please ask us during the signup process. 

Q: Can you point me in the direction of some lodging?

A: While we don't coordinate lodging for your group, we hope to be able to provide you with some solid information on where to start your search. These partners have committed to continue housing groups of volunteers through the summer of 2016. There may or may not be a cost involved.

Our first suggestion would be to call:

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
(866) 732-6121
PDA has a national call center that coordinates housing on behalf of local churches throughout the country, including several churches in Central Oklahoma. All groups and sizes welcome.

Individual churches housing volunteers in our community:

Regency Park Baptist Church, Moore
(405) 794-3507; Diane Ledlow
Accommodate 60; with showers & kitchen.

First Baptist Church, Oklahoma City
(405) 232-4255, ext 115; Brian McAtee
Accommodate 24 with showers & kitchen;
$100 per week

Emmaus Baptist Church
(405) 691-6646; Jim Lehew
Accommodate 100 with showers & kitchen;
Limited July availability.

Q: Once we arrive, how does the work day progress?

A: Serve More HQ doors open at 9am each day of work. The first day of your team's work, you'll check in at HQ for a briefing and to turn in your completed Volunteer Release Form. Come grab some coffee and meet our team.  Shortly after all teams arrive, we begin our morning briefing. 

If needed, we start each day with a weather update & work order briefing. This morning briefing is for teams who need new work orders. Basically — if you don't already have work orders, you pick them up each morning. 

For each project, you and your team will be issued a work order containing all of the information you'll need to complete the job. Serve More staff will already have completed the assessments on each project and be able to provide coordination from HQ throughout the day. 

Though we'll already have made contact with each Homeowner, we'd love for you to call them when you're on your way to the project. Some homeowners like to remain at their home during the work; others will leave you to do what needs to be done.

You will be responsible for transportation to and from the project site. Keep in mind that there is NO form of public transportation in Moore.

Toward the end of your work day you'll make your way back to HQ to check in, clean and secure your tools, and update Serve More staff on your projects. We find making notes on work orders and snapping photos of your progress is best. 

Q: What should we bring?

A: The first and most important thing we could ask you to bring is an open heart and mind filled with flexibility. The nature of meeting people's needs is that those needs often change unexpectedly. We deeply appreciate your flexibility.

As for tools, we will have most of the tools you'll need for your projects. If you are a skilled tradesman or craftsman, please bring whatever tools you have room for. Everyone feels more comfortable using their own tools. If you have questions about specific tools you're considering bringing (IE: "Should I bring my tile saw?") encourage your group leader to chat with our project coordinator about that a few weeks out.

Q: What about food?

A: Serve More doesn't coordinate food for volunteers. Our suggestion is that you formulate your own plan for feeding your team. We do have tables and chairs at HQ for indoor use and benches and a covered patio for outdoor use.

We love our community and enjoy supporting local businesses here in Moore. We'll have a little information sheet available when you arrive with addresses of local quick-eats restaurants.

Q: Does Serve Moore dictate the day's schedule?

A: Yes. Sticking with a standard day’s schedule gives our team the ability to better plan and efficiently coordinate assistance for teams on work sites. 

9a — Start your day at Serve More
Your first day of work starts at our HQ. Here we’ll hand out work-orders, share weather information, and supplement your equipment with any tools and supplies needed to get a job done. Subsequent days, if your team has all the supplies and necessary tools, you can start your day at the work site.

45 Minutes — Lunchtime
The specific time lunch is taken is up to you and your group, but we’ll plan for about 45 minutes of your day to be taken up by lunch when planning for projects. While your team is here at Serve More, our HQ is your HQ, so you’re welcome to come back and use our tables and chairs to eat lunch, hang out on the benches out front, and restock on water if you’d like! You’re also free to chow down at a (preferably local!) restaurant or at the work site if that’s best for your team.

4:30p — Check-In at HQ
Team leaders finish every day by checking in at HQ. Any tools or supplies not secured on a job site can be turned in overnight and rechecked out the next morning. Our project coordinator uses this opportunity to chat about how a project site is progressing and if any changes need to or can be changed going forward.

The standard day works well for most teams, but if your team has special time restrictions or requests during your trip you'll need to work it out with the project coordinator while planning the trip.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: Serve More has a comprehensive Severe Weather Policy which has been developed to protect volunteer safety and the integrity of our equipment and supplies. Please familiarize yourself with this policy.

In the event of less-than-severe weather such as rain, work will halt and remain halted as directed by Serve More Staff. Such examples include any outdoor work involving power tools, raw materials, paint, etc. When enough rain has fallen to risk damage to homeowner property by the presence of volunteers, additional delays will occur. 

A: Serve More does not provide transportation to job sites. We recommend volunteer groups have multiple cars, with cars capacity dictated by the team sizes your group will split into. For more information on group and team sizes, see the "average Serve More volunteer group" question below. Teams that can bring a vehicle with the ability to tow a trailer can greatly increase flexibility and efficiency with getting materials to a job site.

If your team is in one large transport like a charter bus, it is still very possible to have multiple job sites. The Oklahoma City Metro has a great interstate system and a relatively small amount of cars on the road. With the exception of rush hour (7am to 8am, 4pm to 5:30pm) you can get anywhere in the city in about 20 minutes.

Q: What about getting our teams to the job sites? Will our teams be close together?







A: In addition to the cost of your time and energy expended while volunteering, Serve More asks for a $100 project donation per volunteer.

This donation allows Serve More to pour funds into the necessary materials for projects with the highest level of need, and provide for the coordination of materials, projects and tools for all work sites.

Q: Does it cost to volunteer with Serve Moore?




A: When Serve More started in May of 2013, we focused on everyone in Central Oklahoma affected by three large tornadoes. We mobilized volunteers to Oklahoma City, Shawnee, Little Axe, Norman, Carney, El Reno, and Moore.

It didn't take long for our volunteers and partners to realize the tornadoes had uncovered as much need as they had caused. Because of this realization, Serve More now has three distinct programs we use to serve to the residents of our communities. 

Disaster Relief:
Serve More provides immediate and long term recovery assistance to those affected by community-wide disasters in Central Oklahoma. We also use volunteers to help cities, individuals, and businesses become better prepared for future disasters through training and mitigation.

For our neighbors who need assistance but were not affected by a community-wide disaster, our volunteers provide help with renewal. The elderly, single-parent and military families, and the poor are all examples of residents who benefit from our renewal program.

Non-Profit Collaboration:
Through the use of our building, the Community Renewal Center, Serve More encourages non-profit collaboration by housing multiple renewal-focused organizations. Those include a free medical clinic, a small business development center, a disaster recovery coalition, and a foster & adoption agency, among others.

These partnerships allow Serve More to connect the people who need help with those who want to give it. That's you!

Q: Who does Serve Moore serve?


















A: First, let us say — any number of folks you bring to love on our communities join the 55,000 volunteers that have come before you, and we couldn't be more thankful for all of you.

Typically our volunteer groups are made up of anywhere between 20-40 volunteers. We encourage groups to split into teams of 7-9 members who will each have their own project site throughout the week. We find that one skilled leader and 8 willing hands is the sweet spot for getting great work done without wasting anyone's time.

The smallest team we'll put on a work site is three people, and the largest we've ever run during long term recovery was a team of 450 in one week. Depending on the level of coordination within your team or organization, we welcome teams of all sizes.

Q: How many people should I bring to Serve Moore?









A: Serve More started with a focus on South Oklahoma City and the City of Moore, but that distinction ended for us about two weeks after the tornado when we started sending volunteers to six counties in Central Oklahoma.

We consider our "coverage area" to be Central Oklahoma, which we see as the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Q: What is the Serve Moore service area?





Serve More Community Renewal Center
224 S Chestnut Ave. Moore, OK 73160




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