For Volunteers & Teams

Q: What kind of projects will we be working on?

A: The network of churches behind Serve Moore are interested in renewal in our community. Our projects vary widely because healing a whole community is a big job. Check out our Current Work Outlook on our blog for up-to-date details.

Q: What are your age limits?

A: We are so grateful that people of all ages feel compelled to come serve in our community in response to the May 2013 and Spring 2015 storms. Working toward renewal of the whole community, we know it's important to include everyone. We want to wisely balance safety and flexibility. 

Parents and guardians, we trust you to know your kids' ability to serve. As long as you accompany them, we will allow them to serve with you. That said, we think our projects run best with kids 8 years old and up.

Group Leaders, if you're bringing students without their guardians, we ask that they be at least 14 years old. They'll need to have their guardian's permission on their Volunteer Release Form.

If you have any questions, please ask us during the signup process. 

Q: Can you point me in the direction of some lodging?

A: While we don't coordinate lodging for your group, we hope to be able to provide you with some solid information on where to start your search. These partners have committed to continue housing groups of volunteers into the Spring & Summer of 2015. There may or may not be a cost involved.

Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College
(405) 912-9000
Dorm style housing. Summer 2014.

Regency Park Baptist Church, Moore
(405) 794-3507; Diane Ledlow
Accommodate 60; with showers & kitchen.

First Presbyterian Church, Norman
(405) 501-2322; Melissa Green
Accommodate 20 with kitchen; shower at YMCA

First Baptist Church, Oklahoma City
(405) 232-4255, ext 115; Brian McAtee
Accommodate 24 with showers & kitchen;
$100 per week

Emmaus Baptist Church
(405) 691-6646; Jim Lehew
Accomodate 100 with showers & kitchen;
Limited July availability

Other Suggestions:
Presbyterian Disaster Assistance
(800) 732-6121
Coordinates housing on behalf of local Presbyterian churches. All groups welcome. Small fee.

KOA Campgrounds
(405) 391-5000

Q: Once we arrive, how does the work day progress?

A: Serve Moore HQ doors open at 9am each day of work. The first day of your team's work, you'll check in at HQ for a briefing and to turn in your completed forms. Come grab some coffee and meet our team.  Shortly after all teams arrive, we begin our morning briefing. 

Each morning at HQ, we start the day with a weather update, safety notes, and some reminders for the day. This is our morning briefing. All arriving teams are required to attend a briefing. During this time, you'll receive your work orders.

For each project, you and your team will be issued a work order containing all of the information you'll need to complete the job. Serve Moore staff will already have completed the assessments on each project and be able to provide coordination from HQ throughout the day. Staff members may rotate to various projects to oversee work, depending on skill levels.

Though we'll already have made contact with each Homeowner, we'd love for you to call them when you're on your way to the project. Some homeowners like to remain at their home during the work; others will leave you to do what needs to be done.

You will be responsible for transportation to and from the project site. Keep in mind that there is NO form of public transportation in Moore.

Toward the end of your work day (whenever you scheduled with our Project Coordinators), you'll make your way back to HQ to check in and clean your tools as well as update Serve Moore staff on your projects. We find making notes on work orders and snapping photos of your progress is best. 

Q: What should we bring?

A: The first and most important thing we could ask you to bring is an open heart and mind filled with flexibility. The nature of meeting people's needs is that those needs often change unexpectedly. We deeply appreciate your flexibility.

As for tools, we will have most of the tools you'll need for your projects. If you are a skilled tradesman or craftsman, please bring some of your own tools. Talk to us more about that during signup.

Q: What about food?

A: Serve Moore doesn't coordinate food for volunteers. Also, for now, there aren't groups going around feeding volunteers as they did last summer. Our suggestion is that you formulate your own plan for feeding your team.

We love our community and enjoy supporting local businesses here in Moore. We'll have a little information sheet available when you arrive with addresses of local quick-eats restaurants.

Q: Does Serve Moore dictate the day's schedule?

A: Yes.  HQ opens for tools and supplies at 9a each day Monday through Friday. Your first day of work starts at 9a at our HQ. We will give you work-orders, share weather information with you, and equip you with tools and supplies. 

The following days of your trip, your group may start as early as 7:30a at the work sites. HQ will still not open until 9a. Each day should wrap up by 4:30p so tools and extra supplies can be returned to HQ. The best time to work out a schedule for your teams, including beginning, lunch, and end of day, is while working with our project coordinator ahead of your trip.  We encourage a standard workday, but are happy to accommodate teams needing a late start or early stop with a little heads up while planning the work. Keeping to these times and schedules help our team at HQ efficiently coordinate assistance for teams at work sites.

You may, however, wrap up your day early if that's what you've worked out with your project coordinator.

Additionally, we don't have a set lunch period. Take lunch when is best for your group. We have tables and chairs at HQ that you're welcome to use anytime during the day.

Q: What happens if it rains?

A: Serve Moore has a comprehensive Severe Weather Policy which has been developed to protect volunteer safety and the integrity of our equipment and supplies. Please familiarize yourself with this policy.

In the event of less-than-severe weather such as rain, work will halt and remain halted as directed by Serve Moore Staff. Such examples include any outdoor work involving power tools, raw materials, paint, etc. When enough rain has fallen to risk damage to homeowner property by the presence of volunteers, additional delays will occur.