We're ready to #BringJannehHome!!

We just need one last thing — his emergency backup generator to run life-support.  It's a whole home generator that costs $8,000. If everyone who sees this gives just $25, we'll have it in no time! 

Just one week before his 13th birthday this last June, Janneh was riding his bike outside his dad's snow cone stand. A bullet fired from a passing car hit Janneh in the neck crushing his third vertebrae.  Although the bullet was never intended for Janneh, he is now paralyzed from the neck down and relies on a ventilator to help him breathe. Janneh will likely live the rest of his life quadriplegic. 

The road ahead is a long one. Janneh hasn't been home since his accident. While he and his parents have been putting in the work at rehab, a huge hurdle has been looming over the family. Nothing about the family's home is handicap accessible. Janneh's wheelchair cannot fit through the front door much less climb the steps up to it. His room and the family bathroom have to be reconfigured to accommodate the ceiling lift we'll install. 

It's pretty obvious that there's a LOT to do to #BringJannehHome but we're nearly done!

We're nearly ready to #BringJannehHome BUT there's one hurdle that remains — an emergency backup generator for Janneh's life-support machines. While Barnet Electrical Services has donated their time and stand ready to install the generator, we need our friends and neighbors to chip in to help us buy the generator. 

Whether you can give $10 or $100, we need your help!

To donate physical items, to mail a check donation, or to ask questions please use the information below. 

Serve Moore
224 S Chestnut Ave, Moore OK 73160
(405) 735-3060