Local Volunteers

We are passionate about renewing lives by renewing homes and public spaces. Some are affected by large, natural disasters like tornadoes and floods. Others are suffering disability, poverty, or blight. Hurting families can find healing with your help.


What will I do?

Take a peek at several roles we have volunteers fill. Depending on your skill and availability, we might need you for one or more of these jobs during your time volunteering with Serve Moore. Overall, our goal is to build a force of good in our city that is ready to respond to many levels of need — from neighborhoods to individual homes. 


You're construction-minded & detail oriented

Assessors will look at damage (in the case of disaster relief) and projects (in the case of renewal) for volunteer construction teams, prepare materials lists for ordering supplies, and use your general construction knowledge to create a scope of work for each homeowner.


Project Volunteer

You're handy (or not) and willing to get your hands dirty.

Project volunteers work to better the lives, homes, and public spaces of all Central Oklahomans. From long-term recovery for years after disasters to families struggling to maintain their homes, Serve Moore Project Volunteers of varying skill levels will perform minimal to moderate construction tasks as a team and under the direction of a Project Leader. 


You're a good at making friends & listening

Scouting volunteers hit the pavement of neighbors affected by disaster, blight, poverty, or other suffering we hope to relieve. Visiting with families and individuals door-to-door, they discover new needs volunteers can meet and connect people with solid information while loving them b listening to their stories. 

Outreach Volunteer

You're compassionate & patient when dealing with people, on the phone or in person.

Outreach Volunteers focus on caring for people by building relationships with families in need. Mostly, volunteers will make phone calls to talk through needs both disaster and renewal related. Setting up assessments, talking through materials lists, explaining project funding, and being as helpful as possible are all outreach volunteer goals.

Project Leader

You've got construction know-how & love sharing it with others.

Project Leaders work with other unskilled or skilled hands to complete construction repairs on a home needing renewal. We will connect you with the tools, materials and extra hands you need to get a home back in good standing. Building healthy and meaningful relationships with the homeowner and with the project volunteers gives you the opportunity to provide positive influence to many.

Tool Librarian

You know your way around a tool and want to help others.

In 2016, Serve Moore will launch a Tool Lending Library for everyone in central Oklahoma. Volunteers will check out tools, answer questions about safe and proper use, receive tools back in, and maintain tools for future use. The Tool Library will be open a few days per week and allow area residents the chance to bring some of their own renewal energy to their homes.


Things to keep in mind:

  • We are here to help hurting families - We welcome friends getting involved who share this as a top priority.
  • The year round volunteer roles are meant to be filled with folks looking to give some time every month.
  • Serve Moore will provide tools necessary to finish any projects we assign your team, but welcome you to use your own tools.
  • A launch event starts the process of becoming a regular volunteer, followed by a sort of in the role training over the next 90 days.

Interested in volunteering, but have some questions?

We'd love to hear from you!
(405) 735.3060 // info@servemoore.com

Seasonal Volunteer Opportunities

Disaster Volunteers

In times of disaster, Serve Moore volunteers provide critical early response moving quickly to help affected residents secure property, begin debris removal, and make emergency repairs to homes, fences, and out-buildings. Disaster Relief volunteer work can last anywhere from 30 days to 6 months after a disaster occurs. Simply put — we don’t stop working until the work is done. We call on all regular volunteers in times of disaster and hope you'd consider volunteering with us full time, but if you'd only like to be notified of projects at times of disaster in the future you can sign up to receive those e-mail notifications here.

Family Friendly Projects

Often our volunteer opportunities involve time spent in construction areas or disaster zones. We find that these places often aren't suitable to unaccompanied minors, or even accompanied minors under the age of 16. We know many of you are interested in getting your families involved, and when our monthly public service projects start again in March we will have plenty of opportunities for you to do just that. Our recommendation is to take on one of the individual roles listed above, and bring your families as these opportunities arise. If you are only interested in family projects, you can sign up to receive our projects e-mail here.