DO SOMETHING — Links from D8

If you forgot everything else I said, I hope you remember the most important part — DO SOMETHING. Whether small or large, you can make an impact in your school, neighborhood, or city by simply identifying a problem and working toward a solution. Remember, you're the expert where you live; you know the people, the problems, and the resources of your neighborhood.

Add these resources below to your tool belt as you try to love your neighbors. There are ways to connect to organizations, plans for tackling common problems, and some ideas for ways to spruce up your town or neighborhood.

Community Initiatives

Open Streets — Getting people out and active while showing the power of the pedestrian — Open Streets Project
Keep Oklahoma Beautiful — 100 ideas for beautifying your neighborhood — 100 Project Ideas - Keep Oklahoma Beautiful

Plans for Doing Something

Project Guides — Step-by-step guides for various projects from community gardens to school supply drives — Do-It-Yourself Project Guides 
School Renewal Projects — Plans for building picnic tables, benches, trash cans, and more — Enhancement Projects

Places to Volunteer

Serve More — Get started by filling out your Volunteer Profile — Serve
Neighborhood of Good — Links to many organizations serving any zip code — Neighborhood of Good™
United Way of Central Oklahoma — Links to many organizations serving central Oklahoma — Volunteer Center